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For organizing courses and seminars RA Judicial School (academic center of RA Courts Council Chairmen up to 2006, hereinafter Judicial School) is cooperating with many international organizations. 

After the membership of Armenia in EC the gaining of necessary knowledge in the field of the application of national Legislation and international contracts by Armenian Judges became a priority issue. The judges of EC member states must act by European standards, must be most informed about the European principles of the protection of human rights and the practice of their application. For that purpose in 2001, jointly with the Armenian representation of the American Bar Association, the first courses were organized about the provisions of the European Convention on Human Rights as well as about the activities of the European Court of Human Rights. 

Since 2001 the Judicial School, together with the Directorate General of the EC on Human Rights, has implemented a training program on case law of the European Court within the scope of which 20 Armenian judges have been in Strasbourg by study tours and had been trained as teachers of the ECHR. 

Generally for implementing its programs, the Judicial School has cooperated with the international organizations ABA/CEELI, AVA, OSCE, UNOC, EU, ICRC, Bearing Point, GTZ.
The Judicial School has established close cooperation with both regional (Georgia, Ukraine) and international (Great Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, USA) similar educational institutions. 

Currently the Judicial School is a member of the Lisbon Network of the Council of Europe (a data exchange network among responsible persons implementing the study of judges and prosecutors), which is called to provide wider cooperation of educational institutions. 

In 2006 the delegation of the Judicial School has been in Spain and in 2008 in Portugal Judicial Schools by study tour, as well as participated in a number of measures organized by the Council of Europe.

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