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The Service of Judicial Bailiffs

The Service of Judicial Bailiffs started its activity since 01 January 2008, in the structure of RA Judicial Department

The Service of Judicial Bailiffs is generally called to provide the protection of life, health, and honor, rights and freedoms of the judge, participants of the proceedings and other persons from criminal and other illegal infringement in the Court. The service also realizes the keeping of the public order and security provision within the area of the Court, provides the fulfillment of the Judge’s instructions subject to immediate performance in the courtroom, as well as ensures the protection of Court property and service areas of the Court building. 

The Service of Judicial Bailiffs is formed of the central body of the Service of Judicial Bailiffs and separated subdivisions. The structure of the Service of Judicial Bailiffs and the list of separated subdivisions is approved and amended by the Council of Courts Chairmen. The Service of Bailiffs is systematized by the Head of Judicial Department.
The order of the appointment of Judicial Bailiffs is defined by law, according to which the Head of Judicial Department appoints and dismisses from the principle positions of the Service of Judicial Bailiffs. The Head of the Service of Judicial Bailiffs appoints and dismisses in leading and junior positions of the Service of Judicial Bailiffs. 

As far back as November-December 2007, the Judicial Department started to replenish this service, which realized in the following way: training of persons who had presented corresponding documents was organized beforehand, which included teaching of obligations and rights of the Judicial Bailiffs, elementary legal knowledge, as well as of the order of applying special measures, after which the persons who, as a result of evaluation, complied with the realization of that service, were appointed to relevant positions. 

In cases and by order stipulated by the Judicial Code, the Judicial Bailiff has a right to apply physical strength, special measures and arms, if other measures do not provide the fulfillment of his duties. Judicial bailiffs wear uniform, the description of which is defined by RA Government. 


The utmost importance and responsibility of the Service of Judicial Bailiffs dictated the circumstance, that the oath obligation is confirmed by law. 

In May 2008, the Judicial Bailiffs made an oath ceremonially to keep the Constitution and the laws of the Republic of Armenia, human and civil rights and freedoms, while performing their authorities, to perform the official duties of Judicial Bailiff absolutely and in bona fide manner, to uphold the high reputation of the Court.

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