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“Datajam” program series has started to be broadcasted through Hanrayin Arajin (Public First TV channel) from June of the present year, by the means of the grant provided by the Dutch Government, within the frameworks of the Judicial Reforms second project. 

The beginning of the second broadcast circle has started on 28th September. 

The program series generally aims to present the judicial procedures which have public interest and are the most interesting from the point of view of exercising rights, to make the legal field of our country more transparent, to acquaint people with their procedural rights and duties and consequently to pass them legal knowledge. 

The experience shows that while being related to a Court people do not understand their rights well enough, as well as the legal steps that they can take while being related to a Court. 

The program series is based on real trials. Parts from executed criminal, civil and administrative trials are being shown during the programs. Certainly, numerous Court sessions can be shot at the same judicial case, thus the whole material is later mounted, keeping the procedural and logical structure and the most interesting parts for the public. 

A discussion, an exchange of opinion are organized in the second section of the program series, we receive advocates, judges, specialists who enjoy authority in law, medical, psychology and other spheres, who answer the questions with which the public is worried, present the laws, point out the possible legal ways, bring out the problems available in the legal field. 

Let’s mention also that the website of “Datajam” program series is functioning (www.datajamtv.com), in which information on the program series is placed, judicial news and the improved documental films of real trial are being placed periodically. 

Watch Datajam every Saturday, at 18:20.