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Within the frameworks of “Judicial Reforms” project, on the initiative of RA Ministry of Justice “Judicial Reforms PIU”, currently “Datalex” public informational monitors are being installed in a number of Courts of the Republic.

Informational monitors have been installed in the waiting-rooms of the building of the Court of Cassation, Civil Court of Appeal, Criminal Court of Appeal, Administrative Court, as well as the First Instance Courts of General Jurisdiction of the capital; in the near future such monitors will be installed also in the Courts of General Jurisdiction of Armavir and Shirak Marzes. Hereinafter, persons visiting the Courts will have the opportunity to receive information through the monitors, in an accessible manner on that day’s proceedings, including the name of the judge examining the case, names of the parties, number of the judicial case, number of the courtroom and the time of the session. Also other information on the judicial system will be reflected on the monitor. Also the exploitation of “Datalex” public informational equipment (terminals) is foreseen in a number of Courts in September. They will be equipped with additional program functions, which will give the possibility of receiving brief information on the status of any judicial case in RA Courts' proceedings, to search RA legislative acts in “ARLIS“ system, to enter into the internet websites of State Governing Bodies, etc. 

The introduction of the aforementioned systems aims to raise the level of public awareness, to provide the highest level of transparency of the judicial system. Mainly, possibility will be granted to follow up the procedures executed by a judicial case, i.e. the status and the history of the case, deadlines, decisions, as well as the complete texts of final judicial acts.